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Why K Type Thermocouple is produced by so many manufacturers?
K Type Thermocouple is marketable and profitable, thanks to its wide application and always-ready technology. The production is challenging and exciting. The input is significant, meaning that the manufacturers should be financed strongly. Certainly the world and ordinary life are impacted in countless way.
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Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is as one of the key market players in the industry. We have core competency for providing high-quality thermistor temperature sensor. rtd thermometer produced by Jiutian is very popular in the market. The product has a smooth surface. The wood materials used are specially polished based on selected materials and complicated workmanship. It shows good performance in thermal conductivity. It is widely recognized that the product has a promising market potential as it enjoys a good reputation in the market. It is water-resistant and rust-resistant.
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We never change our persistence in only producing high quality DS18B20. Get an offer!

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