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Working principle of the integration of thermocouple bimetallic thermometer is what _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple integration of bimetallic thermometers, bimetal thermometer selection criteria, the detailed description of bimetallic thermometer, thermocouple bimetallic thermometer working principle is to use two different temperature expansion coefficient of metal, welding in fixed point at one end, and the other end when the temperature distortion, converts it into a pointer deflection Angle, indicating the temperature. Core pulling type refers to bimetal thermal element can change from the external protecting tube, is the use of a wide range of field indicating thermometers. Bimetallic thermocouple ( I) The integration of the thermometer ( Transmitter) Type and electric contact core-pulling protective bimetallic thermocouple ( I) Integration of thermometer with the transmitter, it is on the basis of the bimetallic thermometer series products at the same time in the casing parallel load thermocouple ( I) A kind of instrument. Use this table as well as the scene see clearly indicated value, but also the signals to the control room. Pt100 platinum resistance to the control room signals, and the k type e type thermocouple signal, also has after getting sent to 4 - 20 ma standard signal, plays a dual role. Use this table on the pipeline can open a hole, less a leak (less Because of the accident often out in the open hole) , its price is cheaper than that of with two tables. So, this table has both practical value and economic value. Platinum thermocouple have not type) Technical parameters: 1, precision grade: 1. Bimetallic thermometer: 1. Level 5, can produce 1 special needs. Level 0. 1. 2 electric contact bimetallic thermometer instructions and control precision, and lower limit of 1. Level 5. 1. 3 platinum thermocouple grade a and b. 1. 4 thermocouple k, e, Ⅰ, Ⅱ level. ( Static pressure pn6 thermometer external protecting tube. 4 mpa, special requirements can be based on user needs to make. 2, the time constant: 2. 1, outside of double metal protection tube diameter phi 6 x 0. 5, 8 x 1, phi phi 10 x 1 mm 40 seconds or less, phi 12 x 2 mm 60 seconds or less. 2. 2, platinum thermocouple protection tube outside the phi 14 x 2 90 seconds or less. 2. 3, thermocouple protection tube outside the phi 14 x 2 90 seconds or less. 3, using the environment: ip65 standard. 4, electrical parameters: the core-pulling protection type electric contact, bimetallic thermometer power rating of 10 or less va, its great working current
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