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xiaomi mi bluetooth earphones, dual-unit semi-in-ear headphones, electronic thermometer launched: price, features

by:JVTIA     2020-10-27
Xiaomi released the new Mi Bluetooth headset and Mi Dual on Monday-Unit Semi-in-Ear Headphones.
The company also expanded the Mi Ecosystem by launching an electronic thermometer.
The Mi Bluetooth headset with gray, gold and black color options costs RMB 299 (
About Rs. 3,096), the Mi Dual-Unit Semi-in-
Ear headphones, optional color, black and white, the price is 69 yuan (roughly Rs. 714).
On the other hand, the electronic thermometer has a white option in 19 yuan RMB. 9 (
About Rs. 206).
The new Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset features a collar design with two supporting tri-
The band is balanced.
The driver frequency range of the new headset is between 20Hz and 20kHz with a sensitivity of 100dB and an impedance of 32 ohms.
In addition, Xiaomi provides a built-in
In the battery pack, a single charge provides up to 200 hours of standby time and 8 hours of music playback.
The headset also comes with a 5V charging time of up to two hours1A charger.
The latest Mi Bluetooth headset has a CSR 8645 Bluetooth chip that supports AAC Advanced Audio Coding technology and provides apt
X Lossless output via Bluetooth connection.
Also, there is Bluetooth v4. 1 connectivity.
The headset has a magnet that connects the earbuds when not in use.
In addition, they are equipped with 40 grams of buildings with matte metal textures.
Xiaomi Mi double-Unit Semi-in-
Half of the headphones on the other side are-
Ear design with 1. 25-
There are three rice cables. button, in-
Built-in line remote control
Microphone and music control.
The headset has a dynamic coil and is Hi-
Res audio certification.
In addition, their frequency range is between 20Hz and 40,000Hz with a sensitivity of db and an impedance of 32 ohms.
Headphones are also equipped with multiple
Layer Ceramic speaker with smooth structure of ceramic texture with overall weight of 14G. Xiaomi Mi Dual-Unit Semi-in-
The Xiaomi electronic thermometer, together with the Xiaomi Bluetooth headset, was launched by Xiaomi.
The thermometer is free of Mercury and uses electronic circuits that help measure the temperature of the mouth and underarm.
It is touted as sensing the change in body temperature as low as 0. 1-
Degrees Celsius, the measurement range is 32-to 42-
Degrees Celsius and ambient temperature 5-to 40-degree Celsius.
LCD screen display temperature and automatic shutdown function.
Again, there is a buzzer to help inform the user when recording the temperature.
The thermometer uses a lithium battery CR1220.
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headsets and electronic thermometer will be available for sale in China in April 3. The Mi Dual-Unit Semi-in-
On the contrary, headphones have been purchased in the country.
Details about the price and availability of the new Mi equipment in markets outside China have not been disclosed.
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