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Explosion-proof belt 4-20ma signal output PT100 thermal resistance integrated temperature transmitter

Explosion-proof belt 4-20ma signal output PT100 thermal resistance integrated temperature transmitter

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Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China
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Temperature Sensor
Temperature range:
Product name:
4-20ma output PT100 integrated temperature transmitter
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000 Piece/Pieces per Day Explosion-proof belt 4-20ma signal output PT100 thermal resistan


Product Name: Miniature explosion-proof temperature transmitter


Explosion-proof belt 4-20ma signal output PT100 thermal resistance integrated temperature transmitter


Model: SBWZP

Index number: PT100 (the same model can be used to make any index number)

Output signal: 4-20ma

Probe size: user-defined

Connection method: thread / flange, etc.

Explosion-proof grade: T1-T6


The platinum resistance temperature transmitter is directly installed in the Pt100 platinum resistance junction box (with a platinum resistor composed of different structures to form a thermal resistance integrated temperature transmitter) to convert the resistance signal of the thermal resistance Pt100 into a two-wire 4-20 mA output. This temperature sensor incorporates the transmitter into the sensor for smaller size and higher accuracy. Size can be customized!
  Index number: pt100;

Output signal: 4-20ma or 0-10v optional;

Installation method: thread / flange or other installation methods can be customized;

Probe size: diameter * length user-defined

Line length: any length


The thermocouple (resistance) integrated temperature transmitter is a field-mounted temperature transmitter unit in the YBS series of meters. It consists of thermocouple, thermal resistance and temperature transmitter module. It adopts two-wire system with nonlinear correction circuit to directly measure liquid, gaseous medium and various traits in the industrial process from -200 °C to +1600 °C. The temperature is converted into a 4-20mADC current output signal linear with the temperature signal, sent to the display, adjusted recording instrument or computer for distributed control.
  This product is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, textile, food and other industries. It can be used with dynamic ring meters, digital display instruments, recording instruments, regulators, computers, etc. to form various temperature measurement and control systems. .
High-precision cold junction compensation circuit with compensation accuracy of ±0.5°C over the full temperature range;
Original nonlinear correction circuit, the output signal is linear with the measured temperature;
Internal drift self-calibration system guarantees accuracy over the entire operating temperature range.
Technical Parameters:
Basic error: ±0.2% ±0.5% ±1%
Environmental temperature changes:
  For class 0.2: 0.02% F.S/°C
  For grade 0.5: 0.05% F.S/°C
  For class 1.0: 0.05% F.S/°C
Output: 4-24mADC, two-wire transmission
Supply voltage: 14-34VDC, rated voltage 24VDC

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