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Fabric air duct purchase information

Fabric air duct purchase information


With the popularity of fabric air duct, more and more customers tend to choose light and cheap air duct and install convenient fabric air duct. At the same time, the customizability of fabric air duct allows customers to have more choices.

Today we will talk about some questions often asked by customers about fabric air duct when they choose and buy.

1.What color does fabric air duct have? Such as customized other colors? Is there a charge for customizing other colors?

Fabric air duct has multiple colors to choose from, which can be perfectly matched with the layout style of the use place, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. Since customized colors need proofing and confirmation by both parties, they also need to be customized separately, so the ordering cycle of customized colors is about 30 days longer than that of standard colors, and the relative cost is also higher, about 10% more expensive according to the batch size.

2.What are the shapes of fabric air duct to choose from? Can we make a rectangular duct?

The shape of fabric air duct is round, large semicircle, semicircle, 1/4 circle and cone. At the same time, there are also some rectangular air duct varieties, which are mainly used in some trunk pipes requiring layer height. At the same time, the rectangular price is more expensive.

3.Fabric air duct can be made straight pipe, can also be made into elbow pipe? Can other special-shaped layouts be made according to the needs of the engineering site?

Of course, it can be made into elbow pipe. Fabric air duct can be made into almost any special-shaped layout according to the needs of the engineering site.

4.Can fabric air duct design riser?

Yes, of course. In some special places or more demanding air supply will often be used.

5.Why should fabric air duct use permeability? How much permeability does it matter?

Certain permeability will ensure duct inside and outside temperature difference, no condensed water, there are 10 kinds of permeability can choose fabric duct, permeability is too small for supply air time and plug penetration hole, cause the duct imbalance, at the same time produce condensate, high permeability affect hole quantity, influence the supply effect, be sure to choose according to different requirements of different permeability.

6.What are the accessories of fabric air duct?

Fabric air duct has various types of system accessories, such as hanging tube accessories, steel rope, buckle, ribbon, etc.; Air supply performance accessories include PAD, ACD air valve, etc. In general, we will help the system to match.

7.Are fabric air duct accessoriest vulnerable parts?

No, all the accessories we provide are specially processed, and the service life is almost the same as the life of the duct itself.

8.Are fabric air duct accessories within the warranty range?

General purpose fittings are covered by warranty under normal operating conditions. In acid and alkali corrosion, low temperature, high temperature and other environmental conditions to use special accessories.

9.Can customers buy their own accessories?

In principle, you can buy it by yourself, but we are not responsible for the warranty. We all choose high-quality accessories, and can provide the same proportion of warranty, the price is not much more expensive.

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