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NTC thermistor measuring method

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
NTC thermistor is a common type of thermistor, has a certain application in multiple areas. When we were in the use of NTC thermistor for NTC thermistor measurement methods are all need to know, this project is to introduce specific NTC thermistor for everybody simple measuring method, hope you can help to you.

a, purpose:

there is no special NTC thermistor test instruments, meters and measuring fixture, but need the NTC thermistor measurements, this method provides a simple test method, reach the precision of the professional level, but can be roughly thermistor resistance and precision measurement.

2, measuring tools and materials:

1, the four and a half multimeter: two pieces.

2, test fixture, a.

3, + / - 01 ℃ temperature measuring instrument: a.

4, stainless steel alligator clip: a couple.

3, measurement methods and steps:

1, first of all, a room with air conditioning temperature control in ℃ to 25 ℃ + 01.

2, place the thermometer in the room, monitoring the indoor temperature.

3, will be a pair of alligator clip exchange on a multimeter pen test respectively.

4, will be a standard thermistor two pins on the alligator clip, multimeter pen at the other end inserted into the multimeter, open the multimeter to dial to the resistance measurement appropriate gears, the multimeter shows that the resistance of thermistor at room temperature. ( Note: the nominal resistance accuracy within + / - 01%, B value accuracy of + / - 1%)

5, the alligator clip placed near the thermometer, the multimeter is used to monitor indoor temperature changes.

6, when the monitoring value is relatively stable at room temperature the multimeter that room temperature is stable, at this time to test the resistance of the indoor temperature, such as alligator clip used to monitor the thermistor resistance and on the accuracy and precision of resistance of the thermistor under test phase at the same time, you can compare measurements.

7, thermistor under test according to the standard of testing at room temperature resistance value plus or minus 5% of judging whether the qualified products.

4, note:

1, 25 ℃ indoor temperature should be controlled within + / - 1 ℃. ( When measuring the must close the Windows and doors, reduce air flow, avoid indoor personnel in and out and walking around) 。

2, when the temperature reach control precision, can be used the same resistance precision comparing thermistor for room temperature monitoring resistance measurement.

3, two pieces of multimeter should check before measuring accuracy, consistency checking for at least two tables.

4, thermistor temperature at room temperature under test shall not be less than 30 minutes, such as the product under test after electricity use, please place the test again after 12 hours.

5, thermometer, monitoring with thermistor, resistor should be placed in the same place indoors, under test so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

6, test, thermal resistance, thermal resistance in the operator's hand, as far as possible to keep a certain distance, to avoid the body's temperature measurement error.

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